Helping People of Faith Overcome Life's Challenges and Live Out Their God-Given Purpose

My name is Charity Shelton and I am a Christian Counselor and Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people of faith learn how to connect, communicate, improve their people skills and learn how to manage their emotions and process their feelings productively, and find their God-given purpose and walk it out effectively. I am Holy Spirit led and want to help you experience the freedom found in Christ to the fullest. 

Charity Shelton, M.Ed., M.A. | Counselor + Coach

God has given us all a specific purpose and things happen in life to silence and steal that purpose. Our soul might need healing and I believe this healing is possible! As a counselor, I know the effects that trauma and stress have on the mind, but as a believer, I know there is something stronger than the pain- the Love of God. As a faith-based coach, I combine my knowledge and training with my belief in the word of God to walk you through transformation from where you're stuck to living your full purpose in Christ. 

At the heart of our purpose is our relationships. God created us for relationship, He designed us to be in relationship with Him and with others. This is often, however, where we experience the most pain. This is why I focus my help on life and relationship issues- I believe all of life's issues are tied to a relationship with God, ourselves and others- I specialize in helping with all 3. With education and training in both guidance counseling and marriage and family counseling, I understand the complexities that brokenness in these areas create. I'm passionate about seeing people free to live out their purpose with nothing holding them back. Book a free call with me to see how I can help,

Why Coaching?

While coaching and counseling are both centered on personal development, there's a reason I do not call myself a therapist. While I have a Masters degree that qualifies me to be a therapist, I decided to offer coaching instead of therapy for a number of reasons: 

My methodology integrates my experience, my knowledge of the Word of God, and my education in the mental health field in order to provide those with everything the Lord has equipped me with to help them. 

What's it like to be coached by me?

Charity Shelton, M.Ed., M.A. | Faith-Based Counselor and Coach


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